8 Dec 2016

The FM Editor - Football Manager 2017 Transfer Database + England Level 22

Football Manager, a game which releases then updates once in January but do not fear, creators like The FM Editor come to the rescue with their database edits, editing the database for you and making the game as up to date as possible.
The FM Editor - Football Manager 2017 Transfer Database + England Level 9

7 Dec 2016

FC’12 Kits 2016/17 Season

The Football Manager community is synonymous for creating great graphics. In this post we share the great work FM Slovakia who have created these amazing kits for the 2016/17 football season.

FC'12 Kits

6 Dec 2016

Cut Out Player Faces Megapack

Don't you just hate clicking on a certain player's name that you think you recognise, you think you'll know the player more if you see the face. You click on the player's name and what do you know, no face. Outrageous!
FM Central is now proud to share the amazing work of sortitoutsi, with their extensive Cut Out Player Faces Megapack which have a rather amazing collection of player faces.

Cut out Faces MegaPack FM

5 Dec 2016

Sky Sports FM17 Skin

More Football Manager skins have been created by the FM Community for FM17. In this post we share the Sky Sports Skin by D_LO_.

FM17 Megapack Leagues by claassen

FM17 Megapack Leagues by claassen

Football Manager 2017 (FM17) League Megapack, giving you the ability to download additional leagues from around the world: Andorra, San Marino, Qatar, and many more. Check out these databases and manage in numerous nations that aren't known for their football.

4 Dec 2016

Football Manager Kits 16/17

Football Manager Kits 16/17

The graphics available in the FM Community is vast with various graphics. In this post FM Central is proud to share the works of numerous members of the FM Community. Having your club's kits viable during your save can only motivate to do well therefore in the post we bring you the kits that you will be able to view when clicking on any club on the Football Manager save.

Football Manager SS Kits

1 Dec 2016

FM 2017 OPZ Style Elite3 Facepack

Add this Facepack by OPZ to your Football Manager save to see the faces of the players you may not have seen before. 2,000+ pics of Players and Staff in OPZ style for the 2016-17 season

30 Nov 2016

DF11 Facepack Centre

Facepacks by DF11 FM16


FM Central's is proud to bring you DF11 Facepacks and their fantastic Football Manager Graphics. DF11 Facepacks can be found on his Facebook page but also now we are pleased they are here and offering you Megapacks, Facepacks and much more this is a fantastic opportunity. If you like to make your Football Manager look as realistic as possible, look no further. DF11 Facepacks graphics are all available now on FM Central's website so you need to look no further. Containing stand alone face packs and Megapacks containing over 80,000 faces!

Football Manager 2017 Facepacks - DF11 Faces 2016-2017

29 Nov 2016

Vitrex17 FM17 Skin v1.3

One of the most popular skins from FM16 is back for FM17. The Vitrex skin by Debski! Download this skin to make your Football Manager save look even more aesthetically pleasing.

Vuvuzella Dreams - Friendlies and Tactical Tinkering

Over the past two years where Football Manager 2015 and Football Manager 2016 have been the focus for the FM Community, there have been numerous blogs, YouTube videos and Football Manager stories that been created by various members of the FM Community. On FM15, I aimed to reach the levels of Manchester United and on FM16 I challenged myself to win as many titles as possible in various countries. This is the continuation of my Football Manager 2017 save.
Vuvuzella Dreams