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29 Jun 2016

The FMWhizzkids FM16 Database

FM16 Database by The FM Whizzkids

Football Manager is a game we all know and love but over the year we find things change. Maybe you like to play as your club who has just qualified for the UEFA Champions League or maybe a non league club has signed an aging international player and you want to utilize him at their club. With The Football Manager Whizzkids you can now play Football Manager with an up to date database.

Football Manager 2016 Custom Transfer Database

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28 Jun 2016

Football Manager SS' Kits 15/16

Football Manager SS' Kits 15/16

The graphics available in the FM Community is vast with various graphics. In this post FM Central is proud to share the works of hammer9 from FM View and Sortitoutsi.. Having your club's kits viable during your save can only motivate to do well therefore in the post we bring you the SS Kits that you will be able to view when clicking on any club on the Football Manager save.

Football Manager SS Kits
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Football Manager Backgrounds Super Pack

Football Manager Backgrounds Super Pack

The largest backgrounds pack available for FM 2016 including thousands of pictures for competitions, stadiums, cities and many more.

Welcome to the biggest and best backgrounds pack available. Well here it is, got to be a must for every FM fan a super pack full of quality images to enhance your gaming experience. All have the correct xml/config files to work correctly and I have fully tested the whole pack with no problems.
Certain backgrounds will show on certain screens....
City pack images will show on all Cub screens.
Stadiums will show on all Team screens, etc.

What's in the pack?
STADIUMS (overview)

Thousands of backgrounds all in one very impressive pack.
Files have all been converted to jpg to reduce the size but for the amount you get here it was always going to be large.


Most of the backgrounds were made by DazS8:
STADIUMS (overview)



How to install the Football Manager Backgrounds Superpack

1. Download from the link provided then extract with a free tool such as 
7-zip (or WinRAR).
2. Place the Sports interactive folder into the folder you have FM files (usually Documents) and overwrite when asked.
3. The pack will then install for you all in the correct folders with the correct config files which are all included. 
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25 Jun 2016

The Boss - Episode 10

The saves of the many people in the Football Manager community are always of interest to us here at FM Central. In post we share a somewhat different approach to a Football Manager save. FM Central give you the continuation of - The Boss. 

The Boss

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20 Jun 2016

FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0

Having your Football Manager save up to date with the latest transfer databases that people in the Football Manager communicate is easy. In this post we share the fantastic work on FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0.

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14 Jun 2016

FM 2016 FLUT Skin V2.1 (Including FLUT Skin for DF11)

FM 2016 FLUT Skin V2.1 (Including FLUT Skin for DF11)

Having FM16 look and feel the way you want it is important within the Football Manager community. Luckily, within the Football Manager community there are people that spend their time making Football Manager look amazing. In this post, FM Central are proud to share the amazing FM 2016 FLUT Skin.

FM 2016 FLUT Skin
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FM 2016 FLUT Dark Skin V2.1 (Including FLUT Dark Skin for DF11)

FM 2016 FLUT Dark Skin V2.1 (Including FLUT Dark Skin for DF11)

Having FM16 look and feel the way you want it is important within the Football Manager community. Luckily, within the Football Manager community there are people that spend their time making Football Manager look amazing. In this post, FM Central are proud to share the amazing FM 2016 FLUT Dark Skin.

FM 2016 FLUT Dark Skin

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12 Jun 2016

PMSC Portrait & Icon Facepack

PMSC Portrait & Icon Facepack

FM Central is dedicated to bringing the best graphics thus making your Football Manager (FM) much better. In this post, we present to you the PMSC Portrait Facepack by P-Jo. With numerous faces to add to your Football Manager save, this Facepack is a must download!

PMSC Portrait & Icon Facepack 4.05 - 188.300 pictures

Download PMSC Portrait Facepack

There are 11 core parts, each of them is 1 GB except the last (9th) that is 800 MB.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - 
Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11

Updates (Click on Image to Download)















1. Download all 11 parts extract their contents using any relevant extracting software
Just extract PART 1 and all other parts will be extracted automatically.

2. Move the folder "PMSC Portrait Facepack 4.00" to:Create the folder "graphics" if it doesn't exist.Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics\

3. Open Football Manager 2016 and go to Preferences > Interface.

4. Click the "Clear Cache" button.Enable "Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences".

5. Click the "Reload Skin" button.

6. A box will pop up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.

PMSC Icon Facepack 4.0
(Click on Image to Download)

Updates (Click on figures to download)

4.01 - 4.02 - 4.03 - 4.04 - 4.05 - 4.06 - 4.07 - 4.08 - 4.09 - 4.10 - 4.11 - 4.12 - 4.13 - 4.14

1. Extract the downloaded .rar archive.

2. Move the extracted folder "PMSC Icon Facepack 4.00" to:
Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics\

3. Open Football Manager 2016 and go to Preferences > Interface

4. Click the "Reload Skin" button.


PMSC Portrait Facepack is created by the German Football Manager community at Meister Trainer Forum.Original topic in German.

Thanks to all contributors!
Aachen4ever, BBB Croatia, BigBoss96, Bodylove, Commondore, crocodile, dNs, ggpofm, Knoetsch, Luciano Vietto, maalivahti, makua, matze616, P-Jo, Shakespeare, smedhult, svennos, Urban Classic, Vay, Veyron
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5 Jun 2016

There Must Be More Than One - A Highlander Adventure - Season 2

So after a bit of a hiatus for changing jobs and moving cities I am back with Season 2 of our Highlander Adventure with Ross County. While Season 2 had some ups and downs I would say that in the end it worked out. So without further delay, let's jump in and see what happened!

There must be more than one!

Okay so looking back at our goals and tracking let's update the table with where things are at and then I'll take you through the transfer activities and we can take a look at things.

Season Number
Premiership Champion
League Reputation
 National Team Performance
Qualified for Euro 2016
Group Stage Exit @ Euro 2016

Looking at the league we managed to move up 2 positions in the European standings mainly on the back of Celtic in the Champion's League. They were draw into a group with Maribor, Dortmund and Chelsea and while they finished 3rd on the back of 2 solid wins against Maribor, the highlight was a 2-2 home draw against Dortmund. Hearts, Hamilton and Aberdeen were the representatives in the Europa League for the season to help on this front. Hamilton unfortunately came in the 2nd qualifying round and went out with a whimper and didn't make it past their entry round. Hearts bowed out in the 3rd Qualifying Round after running into Celta Vigo and Aberdeen exited in the Playoff after running into Lyon. So there is work to be done for sure on the continental side, especially in the Europa League to push teams deeper into the competition. 

Transfer Activity for Season 2

From the transfer activity you can see that we managed to profit from our summer activities which was critical as it provides a foundation for the club to grow. In terms of helping out the sides competing we sent two players to Hearts, one to Hamilton and one to Aberdeen. I am not sure if you can make any claims relative to influence, but at least we are sending players to other Scottish clubs. We had a few players leave to MLS because we couldn't find a home for them in Scotland, a few to the Championship to Hibs (who are now in the SPL for Season 3) and then a mass of loans to help develop players. 

I will highlight the national team briefly but we have zero influence there at the moment. I have two players which have potential to get there, but as of right now there is nothing doing on our end. Scotland went into the Euro's with no real expectations. In a group with Greece, Germany and Croatia it was always going to be tough. With only a win against Croatia to note they exited quietly at the end of the group stage. Currently the squad is 3rd in World Cup Qualifying about halfway through but in a group that features England, I'm not expecting anything special. 

High Potential Ross County Youth

Okay last part of the update before my thoughts on the season, how did Ross County do? Well it was a rougher season that I would have liked. I attribute it on some level to a heavy squad turnover. We sold most of the regulars in the summer to solid bids from other Scottish Clubs which per our goals was what we wanted to help introduce parity to the league. With Rangers back in the SPL I will amend the goal to include they and Celtic at the top because that instantly appears to be a future problem. We managed a 9th place finish in the league with a disappointing loss to Partick Thistle on the last fixture before the split and then ended up having a couple of tough fixtures against Hamilton and Dundee which knocked us down from 7th to 9th when all was said and done. The season wasn't a total wash though seeing the Staggies better our Scottish League Cup final loss with a win over Motherwell and our first major piece of hardware! It was a solid effort and a platform to be proud of for sure, but Season 3 needs to be an improvement. 

So on to my thoughts and a look to Season 3! We will go backwards since that is what I like to do sometimes :) For Season 3 I already know that more Scottish teams are sniffing around my squad with my key Central Midfielder and Left Back the two highest targets at the moment from the rumor mill. If I can get enough cash then we can splash out on some more youth players for entering into the system and hopefully hold the core together to avoid the problems we saw last season. The squad generally is young and there is a lot of potential so getting them out there for another season can only help. Using the same format as last time here are my thoughts for the Season:

1. Money is a tough obstacle to overcome.
This one may seem obvious, but it is going to be the hardest part of this challenge. Right now Celtic have a substantial financial advantage and Rangers aren't far behind, then there is a cliff. If I can't get teams deeper into the continental competition the money just isn't going to be there. Can we combat that? To a degree yes if we can push diamonds on the cheap into the league, but that is hard as I can't outfit the remaining 10 squads with 20+ studs on the cheap. I'm not resourced like that. I am starting to think that my short term objective may need to switch a bit and get me into the Europa League so I can start improving the money situation then look at how to improve things beyond that. I know it is a bit selfish in the short term, but I think it will pay off.

2. Manage Expectations, they can save your job!
This is just a short item, but not pushing for elevated expectations can really help save your butt if it goes sideways. By aiming for mid table and low cup expectations with the board I was able to falter a bit and not pay a heavy price for it. It has set me up for Season 3 in a Secure position and then we can work to improve the situation.

3. Simple can be the most effective.
This applies on a lot of levels, but my primary discussion point here is relative to the tactic. Since this save will bring a lot of turnover there isn't a lot of latitude to get fancy, use niche players or highly specialized roles as players may not be around long. That means that we need to be simple and effective. I have been using a 4-2-3-1 based system and followed up on DerFM's possession tactic video to implement a strong possession oriented solution (watch here!). By implementing the thoughts from DerFM and augmenting it with my own ideas we are holding on to 55%-65% of the ball which means our defense isn't exposed as often, but we do need to manage counter attacks, which is the first order for Season 3. We'll see how it all goes in the upcoming season, but I still stand by my statement here, if you are really turning players around, simpler is far better!

4. Work with where your bank account allows.
This one pertains to regions where you look for players. I'm not a wealthy club and I can't afford to go to France, Spain, Italy, Germany and England to recruit youth. I just don't have the dollars to splash out for a high enough volume of players to be effective with that strategy. So what have I done? Well you have to find where you can afford. In my case this has been the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Russia and countries in those levels. You need to be honest about where you can recruit from. The better you are with that, the more you can do with your resources and that is the name of the game with this save. 

Okay, that is the end of Season 2 and now on to Season 3! I promise it will not take as long to finish Season 3 and to hear from me again! Good luck to the Staggies and I'll see you all in the next update!!

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30 May 2016

Cut Out Player Faces Megapack

Don't you just hate clicking on a certain player's name that you think you recognise, you think you'll know the player more if you see the face. You click on the player's name and what do you know, no face. Outrageous!
FM Central is now proud to share the amazing work of sortitoutsi, with their extensive Cut Out Player Faces Megapack which have a rather amazing collection of player faces.

Cut out Faces MegaPack FM
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