30 Sep 2016

DF11 Facepack Centre

Facepacks by DF11 FM16


FM Central's is proud to bring you DF11 Facepacks and their fantastic Football Manager Graphics. DF11 Facepacks can be found on his Facebook page but also now we are pleased they are here and offering you Megapacks, Facepacks and much more this is a fantastic opportunity. If you like to make your Football Manager look as realistic as possible, look no further. DF11 Facepacks graphics are all available now on FM Central's website so you need to look no further. Containing stand alone face packs and Megapacks containing over 80,000 faces!

DF Facepacks FM Facepack

27 Sep 2016

FC’12 Kits 2016/17 Season

The Football Manager community is synonymous for creating great graphics. In this post we share the great work FM Slovakia who have created these amazing kits for the 2016/17 football season.

FC'12 Kits

22 Sep 2016

The Boss - Episode 13

The saves of the many people in the Football Manager community are always of interest to us here at FM Central. In post we share a somewhat different approach to a Football Manager save. FM Central give you the continuation of - The Boss. 

The Boss

19 Sep 2016

Football Manager Kits 16/17

Football Manager Kits 16/17

The graphics available in the FM Community is vast with various graphics. In this post FM Central is proud to share the works of numerous members of the FM Community. Having your club's kits viable during your save can only motivate to do well therefore in the post we bring you the kits that you will be able to view when clicking on any club on the Football Manager save.

Football Manager SS Kits

Cut Out Player Faces Megapack

Don't you just hate clicking on a certain player's name that you think you recognise, you think you'll know the player more if you see the face. You click on the player's name and what do you know, no face. Outrageous!
FM Central is now proud to share the amazing work of sortitoutsi, with their extensive Cut Out Player Faces Megapack which have a rather amazing collection of player faces.

Cut out Faces MegaPack FM

18 Sep 2016

Football Manager 2017 - Information, Updates and New Features

Football Manager 2017 - COMING SOON!

The game we know love is coming back! Football Manager, we have been waiting for this day, the day that Football Manager 2017 (FM17) is announced. In this post we will keep you up to date with the latest news about FM17. 

12 Sep 2016

FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0

Having your Football Manager save up to date with the latest transfer databases that people in the Football Manager community is easy. In this post we share the fantastic work on FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0.

11 Sep 2016

3D Match Engine Kits

FM Central is dedicated to bringing the best graphics thus making your Football Manager (FM) much better. In this post FM Central brings you 3D kits that you can use on FM's 3D match engine. Who wouldn't want to see their favorite team playing in their person kits, or see some of the amazing kits that teams from all over the world wear during games?
3D Match Engine Kits

3 Sep 2016

PMSC Portrait & Icon Facepack

PMSC Portrait & Icon Facepack

FM Central is dedicated to bringing the best graphics thus making your Football Manager (FM) much better. In this post, we present to you the PMSC Portrait Facepack by P-Jo. With numerous faces to add to your Football Manager save, this Facepack is a must download!

PMSC Portrait & Icon Facepack 4.05 - 188.300 pictures

Download PMSC Portrait Facepack

There are 11 core parts, each of them is 1 GB except the last (9th) that is 800 MB.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - 
Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11
Updates (Click on Image to Download)

















1. Download all 11 parts extract their contents using any relevant extracting software

Just extract PART 1 and all other parts will be extracted automatically.

2. Move the folder "PMSC Portrait Facepack 4.00" to:Create the folder "graphics" if it doesn't exist.Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics\

3. Open Football Manager 2016 and go to Preferences > Interface.

4. Click the "Clear Cache" button.Enable "Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences".

5. Click the "Reload Skin" button.

6. A box will pop up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.

PMSC Icon Facepack 4.0
(Click on Image to Download)

Updates (Click on figures to download)

4.01 - 4.02 - 4.03 - 4.04 - 4.05 - 4.06 - 4.07 - 4.08 - 4.09 - 4.10 - 4.11 - 4.12 - 4.13 - 4.14 - 4.15 - 4.16 - 4.17


1. Extract the downloaded .rar archive.

2. Move the extracted folder "PMSC Icon Facepack 4.00" to:

Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics\

3. Open Football Manager 2016 and go to Preferences > Interface

4. Click the "Reload Skin" button.


PMSC Portrait Facepack is created by the German Football Manager community at Meister Trainer Forum.Original topic in German.

Thanks to all contributors!
Aachen4ever, BBB Croatia, BigBoss96, Bodylove, Commondore, crocodile, dNs, ggpofm, Knoetsch, Luciano Vietto, maalivahti, makua, matze616, P-Jo, Shakespeare, smedhult, svennos, Urban Classic, Vay, Veyron

2 Sep 2016

The FMWhizzkids FM16 Database

FM16 Database by The FM Whizzkids

Football Manager is a game we all know and love but over the year we find things change. Maybe you like to play as your club who has just qualified for the UEFA Champions League or maybe a non league club has signed an aging international player and you want to utilize him at their club. With The Football Manager Whizzkids you can now play Football Manager with an up to date database.

Football Manager 2016 Custom Transfer Database