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27 Jul 2016

The Black Sheep of the Country

A Football Manager 2016 journey, as I try to make Almere City a club to fear. Currently a club who are among some, known as the black sheep of the country due to them moving to satisfy a city and their need for a club. Now we must look to battle against Ajax, PSV and many more to become Dutch Champions.
The Black Sheep of the Country, Almere City

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26 Jul 2016

FM Central's Guide to Training: How Training Effects Fitness and Injury Occurrence

Training on Football Manager (FM) is typically one of the most difficult aspects of the game to get your head around, perhaps even more so than tactics. It is an essential feature of the game, you could even say it's the feature that can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful manager. But don't worry, FM Central is dedicated to helping enthusiastic FM players become better managers, so in this post we will go through each aspect of training in an effort to explain how each part can have an impact on your team's development as well as an individual player's development. If you want to find out how to train your player properly and avoid injuries as much as possible, read below!

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25 Jul 2016

The FMWhizzkids FM16 Database

FM16 Database by The FM Whizzkids

Football Manager is a game we all know and love but over the year we find things change. Maybe you like to play as your club who has just qualified for the UEFA Champions League or maybe a non league club has signed an aging international player and you want to utilize him at their club. With The Football Manager Whizzkids you can now play Football Manager with an up to date database.

Football Manager 2016 Custom Transfer Database

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22 Jul 2016

The Dutch Dynasty Collaboration - Intro!

Sometimes things happen that you don't expect that turn out positive in all sorts of unexpected ways. This happens to be one of those times. This is going to be the start of a bunch of posts (at a pretty regular rate to boot!) surrounding a really awesome concept that a great friend of myself and FMC posed, Mr. DerFM. Take a look at what is going on and let us know what you think!!

So first here is the cheap plug. We are both writing about this journey. As DerFM takes charge of ADO Den Haag and works with them he will tell you all about, players, transfers, club policies, tactics and what not from his blog (you can find the corresponding intro here). I will use it to cleverly gain some insight to figure out how to beat him when we face each other. You get to enjoy it for enjoyment sake. I however will spy. Relentlessly. Shamelessly. Unabashedly. Now that we got that out of the way here is my part of the fun! So we decided that Holland was a great place to play. It is a good league, has some powerhouses (PSV, Ajax), has a good footing in Europe and isn't one of the massive leagues. Glory will not come easily. It will be earned. Most likely at the expense of the other. But gotta crack a few eggs to make that omelette!  So enough beating around the bush, who did I select for this? Well as the graphic has told you no doubt I am Roda JC. Why Roda you ask. Mind your own business... okay okay, I will tell you. For those unfamiliar Roda JC is from the part of the Netherlands where the coal mines used to be (they are known as "The Miners") and are based on a hard working blue collar foundation. For those who have listened to me on the FMC Podcasts or talked to me in the FM Groups or on twitter, I am a Newcastle United fan and the attraction there was the hard working blue collar club roots. I believe in nothing more than success on a foundation of hard work and self reliance. Roda JC screams that to me. They don't have a huge history, They have won the Dutch First Division once in 1972/73 and the Dutch Cup twice 1996/97 and 1999/2000. They have been up and down but always work hard. So here I am, taking over to keep this hard working tradition in place. 

So we have just started the preseason and are working through the fundamentals of what do I have to work with and where do I see season 1 going. The next update will cover the preseason and the start of the league campaign, so this is a little early, but I do have some good stuff to chat about. The club expectation is to avoid relegation which is both fine and unsettling all at once. I have some cash (we selected clubs that are at the same financial and expectation level to keep it fair) to work with and explore with, but need to be careful not to implode the club. Staff is an issue. Lots of pink slips were handed out on day 1. Unfortunately we were questing after a lot of the same scouts, coaches and the like so there is some pushing and shoving going on to make sure we get the backrooms to be successful. I can tell you that I have been a little bit on the short end of the stick, but I'm not bitter. We will get our revenge. I promise you that! I am working out the exact starting 11 and tactic that I want to play with but right now I am leaning towards this one.

My aim is to bring a Bob Bradley-esque counter attacking system to the Eredivisie and introduce a little of my American style to the Dutch game. I will admit this may feel a little unsophisticated, but I think it will work and I'd like to bring my more physical aggressive style to this squad and see what we can do. I admit we will be getting into foul trouble and have to learn how to manage set pieces as we will undoubtedly be giving them away (we have had some harsh preseason games already but more on that in the future). Overall though I think a physical and intense in your face style will work better with the budget that I have to work with (~$500k transfer budget and a $5mil per year wage budget) and will help me to ensure we survive. If I can tire you out and nick points because you wear out before 90 minutes I will be in good shape. 

To pull this off there are a few signings that I have made so I'll give you a preview of them and the direction the squad is going in. I had a bunch of very high priced loanee's that I just didn't feel were worth the money. I have a squad depth issue for certain out of the gate and spending ~10-15% of my total wage budget on 2 loanees doesn't feel like good business so I dumped them and brought in a couple of first team players to help out. Here they are, one is a CB which was a weakness (and may need more work) and an AML to fill a void there. In the name of transparency and complete disclousure the AML I found on my Ross County save and I think I fell in love a little. Let me know what you think, but I like him and he performed well for me there, so I am encouraged.

Okay so beyond that there isn't a whole lot to say. I have trash talked, introduced you to the team, showed you a version of the tactic, revealed a couple of key transfers and mostly just rambled about the rest. I promise that when we finish preseason I will give you a deeper run down of the squad, the first part of the season and more of my thoughts, but right now it is a little soon and I am still building a feel for what we can do. Remember to check out DerFM's side of this as well as this is a collaboration and his perspectives will be awesome to see (and help me beat him!!). Check him out here if you don't know where to find him and remember to hit us up on Twitter if you want to chat about there series! Until then Go Miners!!!
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21 Jul 2016

FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0

Having your Football Manager save up to date with the latest transfer databases that people in the Football Manager community is easy. In this post we share the fantastic work on FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0.

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10 Jul 2016

Football Manager SS' Kits 15/16

Football Manager SS' Kits 15/16

The graphics available in the FM Community is vast with various graphics. In this post FM Central is proud to share the works of hammer9 from FM View and Sortitoutsi.. Having your club's kits viable during your save can only motivate to do well therefore in the post we bring you the SS Kits that you will be able to view when clicking on any club on the Football Manager save.

Football Manager SS Kits
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8 Jul 2016

The Boss - Episode 11

The saves of the many people in the Football Manager community are always of interest to us here at FM Central. In post we share a somewhat different approach to a Football Manager save. FM Central give you the continuation of - The Boss. 

The Boss

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7 Jul 2016

Cut Out Player Faces Megapack

Don't you just hate clicking on a certain player's name that you think you recognise, you think you'll know the player more if you see the face. You click on the player's name and what do you know, no face. Outrageous!
FM Central is now proud to share the amazing work of sortitoutsi, with their extensive Cut Out Player Faces Megapack which have a rather amazing collection of player faces.

Cut out Faces MegaPack FM
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2 Jul 2016

PMSC Portrait & Icon Facepack

PMSC Portrait & Icon Facepack

FM Central is dedicated to bringing the best graphics thus making your Football Manager (FM) much better. In this post, we present to you the PMSC Portrait Facepack by P-Jo. With numerous faces to add to your Football Manager save, this Facepack is a must download!

PMSC Portrait & Icon Facepack 4.05 - 188.300 pictures

Download PMSC Portrait Facepack

There are 11 core parts, each of them is 1 GB except the last (9th) that is 800 MB.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - 
Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11

Updates (Click on Image to Download)
















1. Download all 11 parts extract their contents using any relevant extracting software
Just extract PART 1 and all other parts will be extracted automatically.

2. Move the folder "PMSC Portrait Facepack 4.00" to:Create the folder "graphics" if it doesn't exist.Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics\

3. Open Football Manager 2016 and go to Preferences > Interface.

4. Click the "Clear Cache" button.Enable "Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences".

5. Click the "Reload Skin" button.

6. A box will pop up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.

PMSC Icon Facepack 4.0
(Click on Image to Download)

Updates (Click on figures to download)

4.01 - 4.02 - 4.03 - 4.04 - 4.05 - 4.06 - 4.07 - 4.08 - 4.09 - 4.10 - 4.11 - 4.12 - 4.13 - 4.14 - 4.15

1. Extract the downloaded .rar archive.

2. Move the extracted folder "PMSC Icon Facepack 4.00" to:
Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics\

3. Open Football Manager 2016 and go to Preferences > Interface

4. Click the "Reload Skin" button.


PMSC Portrait Facepack is created by the German Football Manager community at Meister Trainer Forum.Original topic in German.

Thanks to all contributors!
Aachen4ever, BBB Croatia, BigBoss96, Bodylove, Commondore, crocodile, dNs, ggpofm, Knoetsch, Luciano Vietto, maalivahti, makua, matze616, P-Jo, Shakespeare, smedhult, svennos, Urban Classic, Vay, Veyron
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28 Jun 2016

Football Manager Backgrounds Super Pack

Football Manager Backgrounds Super Pack

The largest backgrounds pack available for FM 2016 including thousands of pictures for competitions, stadiums, cities and many more.

Welcome to the biggest and best backgrounds pack available. Well here it is, got to be a must for every FM fan a super pack full of quality images to enhance your gaming experience. All have the correct xml/config files to work correctly and I have fully tested the whole pack with no problems.
Certain backgrounds will show on certain screens....
City pack images will show on all Cub screens.
Stadiums will show on all Team screens, etc.

What's in the pack?
STADIUMS (overview)

Thousands of backgrounds all in one very impressive pack.
Files have all been converted to jpg to reduce the size but for the amount you get here it was always going to be large.


Most of the backgrounds were made by DazS8:
STADIUMS (overview)



How to install the Football Manager Backgrounds Superpack

1. Download from the link provided then extract with a free tool such as 
7-zip (or WinRAR).
2. Place the Sports interactive folder into the folder you have FM files (usually Documents) and overwrite when asked.
3. The pack will then install for you all in the correct folders with the correct config files which are all included. 
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